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Heat pumps / air conditioners are a desirable, cost effective way of controlling the temperature, humidity and air pollutants in all the environments in which we live, work and play.



Mouldy, damp homes and wet windows are a common feature of New Zealand homes. At Cool Build we know that you need a dry home to stay healthy


Ducted Heat Pump

A ducted or central heating heat pump solution is becoming the first choice of more and more people. Depending on available space and access, it is usually simple to install or retrofit a ducted system in new builds as well as older houses.


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We are the specialists you can trust to provide the best solution for your heat pump, air conditioning and ventilation solutions for your home or office.

We cover all of Auckland and the Greater Waikato region including Hamilton.


We are a specialist dealer and service agent for New Zealand’s top, state-of-the-art heatpump and air-conditioning brands, such as Panasonic and Mitsubishi Electric, specialising in efficient and economical world class products including new, even more powerful inverter technology. We will provide you free quotes and advice on which brand and model will offer you the best solution for your individual requirements.


Our Sales Engineers have over 30 years of combined experience. We can design and install any type of system, from domestic split consoles and ducted systems to commercial multi storey buildings. We will assess your specific requirements and advise you on the best and most efficient and cost effective solution to meet your needs.


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CoolCar: Vehicle Air Conditioning Services

CoolBuild partners with CoolCar Air-Conditioning – so you can be comfortable at home, work and on the road! Air-conditioning installed and repaired for all types of vehicles and heavy machinery. Field service available.

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For all of Auckland, phone (09) 443 8025 | email: northshore@coolcar.co.nz

For Waikato, phone (07) 849 6906 | email hamilton@coolcar.co.nz


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