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What is a ducted central heating system?
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What is a ducted central heating system?

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A ducted heating and cooling, or central heating system is recommended if you want your whole dwelling a consistent temperature throughout.  In winter, the system keeps your house nice and warm in every room.  In summer, you choose the cool temperature you want to keep your home feeling comfortable and fresh.


A ducted central heating system has a single, central heating and cooling unit situated outside your home.  The warm or cool air is pumped from there into all the rooms in the house via ducts.  The warmth or cooling enters the rooms through discrete grilles or vents. 


You set the temperature with a thermostat that you can adjust whenever you like, and you can also use a timer.  It is important to have the right system for the size, scale and layout of your home.  Your installer will take accurate measurements to ensure the right fit.  For optimal results, installations are planned and installed as part of a new building’s construction, but we can retrofit existing buildings with a ducted central heating system. In older homes, adding a ventilation system may be recommended due to extra moisture removal requirements due to house design. There is no need for separate ventilation for dehumidification in newer homes that have excellent insulation and double-glazing.


house plan showing ducted heating system in New Zealand


For multi-level homes you may chose to have zones that allow you to turn off specific areas that are not in use.  In commercial applications, it is possible to have zoned areas that can operate at different temperatures, this is not practicable for domestic applications.

How is a heat pump different?

Most people are familiar with heat pumps, a common sight in houses all over New Zealand.  These are an energy efficient way of heating or cooling a specific area. You can select the energy efficiency rating for your heat pump to suit your lifestyle and budget.  If you have individual heat pumps in certain rooms, there will always be areas that are colder than others. 


The heat pump internal unit is installed on the wall in a place that doesn’t detract from the room – but it will still be noticeable.  It should be placed in a location where it won’t blow air directly onto people and may also be installed on the ceiling or floor. 


With some systems, multiple indoor units can be attached to one exterior unit but in most cases each room would be accompanied by its own external unit. 


Both central and heat pump systems offer heating, cooling, dehumidification and a fan function but again the heat pump can only affect its immediate surrounds. 

Good central heating and heat pump systems offer WIFI control anywhere in the world from your mobile device!


Ducted central heating system

Heat pumps

  • Consistent temperature throughout house or zones
  • Enables you to set the temperature for individual rooms
  • Discrete ventes/grilles in each room
  • Heat pump head unit visible in room
  • Single exterior unit
  • Each room typically has its own exterior unit
  • Installation takes 2-4 days but may be longer
  • Installation can take just a few hours
  • Moderate maintenance requirements
  • Low maintenance requirements



If you'd like more information on ducted central heating system for your home or business? Talk to the the team at Coolbuild today.



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Heat pumps / air conditioners are a desirable, cost effective way of controlling the temperature, humidity and air pollutants in all the environments in which we live, work and play.



Mouldy, damp homes and wet windows are a common feature of New Zealand homes. At Cool Build we know that you need a dry home to stay healthy


Ducted Heat Pump

A ducted or central heating heat pump solution is becoming the first choice of more and more people. Depending on available space and access, it is usually simple to install or retrofit a ducted system in new builds as well as older houses.