Heatpumps & Air Conditioning

Heat pumps / air conditioners are a desirable, cost effective way of controlling the temperature, humidity and air pollutants in all the environments in which we live, work and play. 


By regulating and controlling the temperature and humidity, and by filtering out dust, pollen and air-born insects and mites, modern air conditioning is a welcome inclusion in our lives. 


Reliable, cost effective air conditioning requires a detailed onsite inspection and survey of client requirements and expectations before offering appropriate product and design. 


Cool Build has partnered with world class manufacturers delivering leading edge technology to ensure that consumers are provided with the best possible solutions for their individual needs. We can supply single room split system as well as ducted or central heating systems to control multiple rooms or even the entire house, depending on your needs and the layout of the home or office.


Heat pumps provide one of the most economical forms of heating compared to other heating appliances, so call us today to for your free quote.

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Mouldy, damp homes and wet windows are a common feature of New Zealand homes. At Cool Build we know that you need a dry home to stay healthy


Ducted Heat Pump

A ducted or central heating heat pump solution is becoming the first choice of more and more people. Depending on available space and access, it is usually simple to install or retrofit a ducted system in new builds as well as older houses.