We offer a quality service for both domestic and commercial markets. Apart from individual wall/window units, air conditioning systems are normally designed with multiple zones aimed at providing the most efficient and economical way of controlling your environment regardless of outside summer or winter temperatures. 


The use of ducted systems, ceiling cassettes, wall or floor mounted head units and even free-standing floor systems provides an unequalled choice for the consumer. Inverter technology is available as an option in many system designs. 


Cool Build provides advice, sales and support on a wide range of systems including: 

  • Split Systems 

  • Ducted Systems

  • Window or Wall Systems

  • Commercial Use

  • Inverter Technology

Heatpumps &

Heat pumps / air conditioners are a desirable, cost effective way of controlling the temperature, humidity and air pollutants in all the environments in which we live, work and play.



Mouldy, damp homes and wet windows are a common feature of New Zealand homes. At Cool Build we know that you need a dry home to stay healthy


Ducted Heat Pump

A ducted or central heating heat pump solution is becoming the first choice of more and more people. Depending on available space and access, it is usually simple to install or retrofit a ducted system in new builds as well as older houses.